There's much more to dining out than just getting together at a restaurant to celebrate an occasion or renew friendships and enjoy conversation over a fine meal. It's an experience that starts hours, days or even months before your guests actually sit down at the table. An event that begins with the idea of spending time in a special place that offers unique ambience and food that inspires delight and discussion.

Whether it's a couple looking forward to date night or a company planning a retirement party, the process that leads to a reservation begins long before the cork is popped, and the steaks hit the grill.

It's what we do at Accolade.

Every hour of every day, people weigh their options on where to go and what to eat. The choice they make depends on many things, from fond memories of previous visits to word-of-mouth and what's on the menu. As much as anything, it depends on the people who create and manage your image.

We're experts at promoting the hospitality industry all over North America; from Calgary to Silicon Valley and from fine restaurants and character bars to boutique hotels. Before you deliver the experience, we deliver the anticipation.

Drawing guests to your venue is a process that calls for perfection at every stage of planning and execution. It begins with getting to know you … your passion for what you do and your desire to serve and share it with others. Who do you want to reach, and what is the best way to connect with them? How can you stand out from the crowd in your category? More than that, how can you become a category of one?

We dig deep into your brand and design innovative ways to express it. The words, the graphics and where they appear are all crucial parts of a collaborative process that respects your wishes and enhances your business. From your business card to the sign over your door and the menu you give to those who walk through it, we integrate every element of an irresistible impression. We create a seamless path from a radio spot, billboard, online post or inflight magazine ad to handing a credit card to the server at the conclusion of a truly memorable night out or week away.

Bringing paying customers to your door in a state of high and happy expectation is what we do at Accolade. Our job is to ensure that your guests arrive excited and leave satisfied and planning their return.

You prepare the meal. We whet the appetite.

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