The experts have spoken:

“Accolade understands hospitality marketing in ways that other generalist firms cannot touch.”

Director of Sales & Marketing
Embassy Suites

"I work with Accolade for their insight and experience, and since conversations gather details of the ultimate goal—leaving creativity to the process—the results remain impressive.”

Director of Sales & Marketing
The Plaza Suites Hotel

“I can always count on Accolade to deliver outstanding, high-quality ideas that are on-brand. They are our ‘go-to’ resource when our in-house team feels underpowered or has exhausted all of their options.”

Brand Marketing Manager

"The tagline you developed for our company feels just as important to us as we imagine 'Just Do It' must feel for Nike."

President & CEO
Company's Coming


Proud to be Canadian.
We work with clients globally.

Accolade is located in Edmonton, Canada. We work with clients globally.

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